On the 23rd September 2018 the Consortium had the second plenary meeting of the PAAL project. This meeting was held in Bilbao in the previous day to the start of the AAL Forum 2018.

Julia Offermann-van Heek and Wiktoria Wilkowska, from RWTH Aachen University, presented the ongoing work in WP1 – Ethical and Social Framework for Lifelogging. After carrying out interviews and focus groups focusing on the ethical and social aspects of lifelogging and assistive technologies, they presented the main outcomes regarding what lifelogging technologies are and are not allowed to do, which information is allowed to be generated, how long are data allowed to be processed, and who is allowed to decide. They also introduced which are the perceived benefits and barriers for users’ adoption of these technologies.

Liane Colonna, from Stockholm University, presented her work in progress on the legal regulatory framework of lifelogging and the definition of guidelines for the design of privacy-aware lifelogging technologies.

After a discussion about past dissemination activities carried out by members of the project, several meetings were held in order to plan the work in the other Work Packages, which will start in the next months.

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