A workshop entitled “Towards privacy-aware and acceptable lifelogging services for older and frail people” proposed by the PAAL Consortium has been selected to be part of the official programme of the AAL Forum 2019. The AAL Forum will take place in Aarhus, Denmark, on 23-25 September 2019.


Lifelogging technologies may enable and motivate individuals to pervasively capture data about them, their environment, and the people with whom they interact. In contrast to the advanced technical development in lifelogging technologies, the knowledge about the human factor regarding the willingness to adopt such technologies and to be supported by digital services is still considerably underdeveloped. This lack of understanding has significantly reduced the transfer of these developments to innovations having a social and economic impact. Aspects of humans’ technology acceptance, the detailed study and the willingness to accept self-tracking technology as well as the individual usage motives and barriers are mostly disregarded or underestimated so far. Any successful rollout of such technologies requires the acceptance of users and their openness to not only tolerate technical approaches, but to integrate user-centred technology in their personal life. Moreover, the General Data Protection Regulation establishes the obligation for technologies to meet the principles of data protection by design and by default. This special session aims at discussing all these issues and collecting, from the different stakeholders participating in the session, their opinions about the motives and barriers that limit users’ acceptance and make difficult the deployment of lifelogging services for AAL.


  1. Presentation of the session and speakers
  2. Lifelogging technologies for AAL
  3. Legal and regulatory challenges to utilizing lifelogging technologies
  4. Users’ acceptance and guidelines for the development of lifelogging solutions
  5. Open discussion on acceptable lifelogging services for older and frail people
  6. Conclusions and closing

More information at the AAL Forum website.