In August 2019, the paper A review on video-based active and assisted living technologies for automated lifelogging was published in the Expert Systems with Applciations journal. The paper can be accessed at the journal website.

Providing support for ageing and frail populations to extend their personal autonomy is desirable for their well-being as it is for the society at large, since it can ease the economic and social challenges caused by ever-ageing developed societies. Ambient-assisted living (AAL) technologies and services might be a solution to address those challenges. Recent improved capabilities in both ambient and wearable technologies, especially those related with video and lifelogging data, and huge advances in the accuracy of intelligent systems for AAL are leading to more valuable and trustworthy services for older people and their caregivers. These advances have been particularly relevant in the last years due to the appearance of RGB-D devices and the development of deep learning systems. This article reviews these latest developments in the intersection of AAL, intelligent systems, lifelogging, and computer vision. This paper provides a study of previous reviews in these fields, and later analyses newer intelligent techniques employed with different video-based lifelogging technologies in order to offer lifelogging services for AAL. Additionally, privacy and ethical issues associated with these technologies are discussed. This review aims at facilitating the understanding of the multiple fields involved .